The Future

What IF?

We understand that organizations must adhere to rules and regulations.

What if; we can work together in blending beliefs, concepts, educational viewpoints from different companies, organizations and health and wellness practices?

Some people refer to this concept as Collaborative Care and Integrated Medicine. We at ChiMachineCanada are also interested in these approaches.

Imagine having safe products, licensed by Health Canada that may provide Longer Lasting Results for:

  • Your Clients
  • Your Employees
  • Your Research Study Participants
  • Your Friends
  • Your Family

The Manufacturer advises that the Distributors consistently have a 1% Return Rate. In many of these situations, where these Complementary Products are returned, the boxes were never opened.

If you are a person, company or organization, who is interested in having Complementary Products with Specific Medical Claims for your health and wellness regime, then, we are interested in talking with you:

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Steve Daoust at ChiMachineCanada, simply fill out this form:

Change starts with one person at a time, then, we proceed with what you want to do.''

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