HTE Warranty Program

Bianca Facial Mask

Opened Packages:

Since the Bianca Facial Mask is a hygienic product, the stewardship of this particular product is similar to companies who sell underwear and undergarments.

The Package includes (6) Pouches, when any pouch has been opened,
Then the Bianca Facial Package cannot be returned for a refund

Unopened Packages:

On or before the last day of this trial period, you have the option to return your product for a full refund, when the package is NOT Opened.

A Return Merchandise Authorization Number, RMA # is required before the shipment is returned, again another standard operating procedure practised by many companies.

In the event, you decide to return your purchase,
Please notify your Representative to obtain the RMA # on or before the 14-Day Challenge Program is expired.

We have to request the RMA # from the Manufacturer's Office in Toronto during regular business hours of 9:00am to 5:30pm EST

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