How to use the Chi Machine

It is recommended using the Chi Machine twice daily. Always consult your Representative for your customized situation.

Be sure to drink water before and after use of the Chi Machine.

There is a choice of three arm positions, so use the position that is most comfortable for you.

  1. The Mid Position:
    The Mid Position: Laying on your back, and hands at the nape of your neck
    Hands clasped behind your head. This position exaggerates the curves of the spine and will impart a stronger motion to the spinal column. This is good for migraines, headaches, bone spurs, misaligned spine, arthritis and backache.
  2. Goldfish Position:
    Goldfish Position: Laying on your back, and hands at your sides
    Arms relaxed at your sides with palms down. Good for releasing tension, relaxation, insomnia, constipation and lower back pain.
  3. The Stretched Back Position:

    Arms above your head with palms facing up. Creates traction throughout the whole body helping to relieve muscular tension and discomfort. Good for weight loss, toning muscles, shoulder tendonitis, release of nervous pressure and upper back tension.


Special Note:
  • Preferably Use Support Under Your Knees. i.e. A Pillow or A Rolled Up Yoga Mat.
  • If You Have Neck and / or Back Pain: Please Use Another Support Under The Thighs As Close As Possible To The Hips.
  • When The Neck Pain and / or Back Pain Is Reduced, Remove The Support From The Thigh Muscles & Keep The Support Under The Knees.
  • Your Legs Should Be Linear To The Chi Machine, NOT Perpendicular
**Before Using The Chi Machine, Consult With Your Representative For A Customized Solution For You!


  1. Wait half hour after a meal (or one hour after a large meal) before using the Chi Machine.
  2. Drink 4-6 oz of water prior to using the Chi Machine (Keeps the body hydrated). (*Refer to A)
  3. Wear comfortable clothes. (Remove your shoes - be as relaxed as possible)
  4. Gently stretch before using Chi Machine.
  5. Place the Chi Machine on the floor or on an appropriate firm massage bed with the handle facing away from you. (Arrow should face you)
  6. Lie down and place your ankles in the ankle cup holders. The bony part of ankle should extend beyond and not hit the ankle cup holders.
  7. For added ankle comfort use the included footrest and ankle support. Thick socks may provide extra comfort. Make sure your ankles are comfortable.
  8. Alignment is very important. Lie on your back and try to be perfectly aligned to promote internal balance while using the Chi Machine. (*Refer to B)
  9. Relax for one to two minutes before starting the machine. (Blood pressure may fluctuate from standing to lying down and resting a few minutes helps to stabilize blood pressure)
  10. Your situation may require a different start time on the machine. Consult your Representative for a customized solution for you (see information box in blue on the right side).
  11. Breathe deep using abdominal muscles. Let the Chi Machine do the work. (*Refer to C)
  12. When the machine stops, enjoy the tranquil "Chi rush"! Remain completely motionless for an additional two to three minutes, with relaxed deep breathing. (A lot of the benefit of the Chi Machine comes during this relaxation period as your oxygen depleted internal organs are replenished with oxygen)
  13. Before rising slowly stretch your back by turning your torso from side to side.
  14. Slowly turn to your side, and sit up. Drink 8-16 oz. of water when done. This will help flush out the released toxins with use of the Chi Machine.
Caution: Some dizziness may occur for first time users. This is healthy! Oxygen is being restored to your body's cells that may not have received proper amounts before. The initial dizziness will disappear with regular use and increased circulation. Use for shorter period next time and gradually increase time as tolerated. People with motion sickness or other serious medical problems should start with 30 seconds to 1 minute initially.

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