HTE, Manufacturer’s Warranty Program

HTE, Options for Extended Warranty Program

Best Warranty Program Available - Second To None

*HTE provides the best warranty program as it is based upon the Serial Number, Not the Invoice.

HTE Warranty Periods for Repair:

Chi Machine Warranty is 2 years.

Extended Warranty Options:

Warranty Period
Canadian Prices,
Excludes Taxes
Chi Machine(1) Year$ 60.00
Chi Machine(2) Years$ 75.00
Chi Machine(3) Years$ 90.00
  • Extended Warranty Options Must Be Purchased Within the 14 Day Challenge Period.
  • Extended Warranty Options are for repairs and labour incurred.
  • Consumer is responsible for the return freight to the Manufacturer's Repair Centre in Toronto.
  • The Manufacturer is responsible for the freight expense in returning the product to you.

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