All About the FIR HotHouse™

The HotHouse™ may provide a “soothing” experience as it warms the body gently, relieves fatigue, and enhances metabolism.

Radiant FIR heat. Its unique design enhances the thermal effect.

Incorporates 8 – 10 micron wavelength. Most body heat is radiated away in this range. The HotHouse™ matches the heat leaving the body to enhance the body’s overall comfort.

Super Radiant Heating Surface – Covered with a very fine, multi-faceted, acute angle silicon surface manufactured in New Mexico. The effectiveness of the 160 degree span is amplified by the countless surfaces created by these crystals. The transmission area is increased some 10-fold.

Safety – The surface temperature is automatically controlled by a built in, specially designed regulator. A safety device precludes any chance of overheating due to a malfunction.

Small and portable. Two sizes available: Regular and Grande to meet individual requirements.

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