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Your Own Business On Your Own Terms,
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World Market Access from Home

  • Global E-Commerce Marketing Business Opportunity

Be Independent

  • No Monthly Purchase Requirements
  • Access to Global Warehouse Distribution with Drop-Shipping Directly to Your Customer
  • Industry Standard Remuneration with 100% Paid Commissions
  • No Sales Quotas
  • Opportunity is available to Develop your own Marketing Team but this is not a Requirement when you are working with ChiMachineCanada

Work From Your Virtual Office

  • Website is Easily Found in "Google-Searches"
  • No Credit Card Processing Fees
  • Replicated Website With an E-Commerce Business Model is available
  • Assist the Customer, to find you, the Local Representative

We Train and Support you all the Way!

  • Our Professional Team at ChiMachineCanada Mentors you on how to Leverage the Manufacturer's Compensation Plan so that it best suits your Management Style and helps you Accomplish Your Business Goals and Objectives. We're there when you need us!

Our Products

  • Health Canada Licensed for Medical Claims and Therapeutic Benefits
  • Scripted by a Medical Doctor, the Purchase is an Allowable Medical Expense on Canada Revenue Agency Form T-1
  • Manufacturer Warranty Program is based on the Serial Number, Not the Invoice or the Proof of Purchase
  • Our "2-Week-Challenge-Program|" Consistently Returns a 99% Success Rate = Happy Customer = Profitable Business

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