About Us

Our Vision:

ChiMachineCanada wants to introduce Complementary Products which are intended to enhance health and wellness from any discipline, products and lifestyle.

Our harmonized team believes that the Complementary Products can be used in the home and any organization, where the User can enrich their lifestyle in having a better opportunity for longer and lasting results from their health regime.

Who we are:

ChiMachineCanada is a community of individuals, who works together for a common goal of sharing information and educating about products that are intended for self help in the privacy of your home, organization and your workplace.

We also believe in working directly with Health Care Providers from various disciplines as they understand the importance for professionalism and excellent customer service.

New Challenge:

ChiMachineCanada acknowledges the fact that it is a natural human reaction to be hesitant in freely accepting thoughts and beliefs that differ from how one was taught to understand and recognize a benefit.

This is why we are asking for your permission to communicate with you, And

  • Your preferred Health Care Provider
  • Your Insurance Company
  • Your Trusted Advisory Party
  • Your Employer

We want to engage, communicate and work with your preferred advisor; they can perform their own assessments and benchmarks on the products.

The products, features and terminology used may differ from how they studied health and wellness but our End Results are the proof.

We understand that change starts with education and building relationships based upon ' Trust ' which is a fundamental belief shared within our community with ChiMachineCanada.

Using these Complementary Products in the Manufacturer's 14 Day Challenge Program, this provides You the opportunity to form Your own opinion without any pressure.