Original Medical Device and Understanding the Significance of a Medical Device With Steve D

Who Can We Help?

A benefit is only a benefit when you understand it to be a Benefit, preferably in the terminology that You have studied. Since, our products are in compliance from Health Canada with Licensed Medical Uses. This is a logical place to start, although we do have Associates who are Licensed Practitioners from various fields of study. Our primary goal is to help you understand in how our Products can assist you. Continue reading

Chi With Steve – How The Health Equipment Helped Me

My first purchase was the “Original Chi Machine and Far Infrared Hot House”, also known as the FIR Hot House in January 2005.

Initially, I did not engage with the Business Opportunity as I was also in transition to become an accredited mortgage broker with a national firm in Canada. Actually, I was not in the looking window for another entrepreneurial start up, one was enough in being a mortgage broker. Continue reading