All About the Chi Machine

The Chimachine does it all for you

Life force therapy, restoring internal balance and harmony

The CHI Machine synchronizes movement of the body and promotes lymphatic drainage. This helps to provide prompt temporary relief of muscular aches, pain and tension, through optimized oxygen levels throughout the body. Fatigue or physical exertion can often lead to minor muscular aches, pains and tension that can be easily resolved through consistent use of the CHI Machine.

The CHI Machine supports temporary relief from these conditions without creating undue stress on the body or additional muscular exertion, while improving your circulation and general organ function.

Because use of the CHI Machine requires that the body be reclined and relaxed, with weight or pressure removed from the spine, there is a deep sense of comfort and inner peace that is immediate and noticeable.

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The DRs Show observations are correct about the ?Original Chi Machine? (link “The DRs Show Observations” to Blog story one)

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