How Toxins Cause Illness Part II

Toxins exist in for parts, in your cells, in your skin, in your intestines and in your liver.


There are three ways toxins affect cell processes. Membrane damaging toxins such as the Clostridium perfringens toxins produce destructive holes in the cell membrane. Membrane acting toxins such as E. coli attach themselves to the surface receptor of the cell membranes and disrupt signaling between cells. Intracellular acting toxins, a third category of toxins, enter the cell either by forcing entry themselves or being injected into the cell by the bacteria. Toxins that force entry (diphtheria, cholera, tetanus, botulinum, anthrax) bind to the cell, penetrate the membrane, and target specific functions in the cell. Toxins injected by bacteria such as plague and salmonella toxins may disrupt many cellular functions at once. To rid toxins within cells the Manufacturer suggests using the E-Power to enhance ATP and expel excess waste.


The skin is the largest organ of your body. The skin absorbs toxins and chemicals into the blood stream which in turn, will be distributed through out your body system. Many people assume that your skin is watertight and therefore is a protective cover, well it certainly is a protective cover, but it is unable to keep out chemicals either toxic, or non – toxic. That is why there are such medicinal patches like Hormone Replacement Therapy, or Nicotine patches to help you stop smoking, the chemicals are absorbed slowly through the skin. The Manufacturer suggests using the Bianca Facial Mask made from natural ingredients with E-Power to accelerate the toxin elimination process.


There are two main reasons contributing to the formation of toxins in the intestines. Toxin formation in the intestines could be due to the consumption of excessive amounts of food. Many times we eat more than we require, and the intestines are able to digest only the required amounts of food within a specific timeframe. The food that is left over goes on to become spoiled and results in the formation of toxins. This is one of the most commonly seen reasons for toxin formation in the intestines. Another reason for the formation of toxins in the intestines could be an inappropriate diet.

Once the toxins are formed, they in turn become fermented and cause a rise in the number of bacteria in the intestines. Presence of excessive amounts of bacteria in the intestine can lead to intestinal disorders. The best way to avoid formation of toxins in the intestines is to be on a diet that ensures there is no toxin formation. Such a diet would normally include food products that are vegetarian. Aside from diet, the Manufacturer suggests using the Chi Machine and Palm Massager separately to help rid toxins from the intestines.


The liver plays a central role in transforming and clearing chemicals and is susceptible to the toxicity from these agents. Certain medicinal agents, when taken in overdoses and sometimes even when introduced within therapeutic ranges, may injure the organ. Other chemical agents, such as those used in laboratories and industries, natural chemicals and herbal remedies can also induce hepatotoxicity. Chemicals that cause liver injury are called hepatotoxins. More than 900 drugs have been implicated in causing liver injury and it is the most common reason for a drug to be withdrawn from the market. Chemicals often cause subclinical injury to liver which manifests only as abnormal liver enzyme tests. Drug induced liver injury is responsible for 5% of all hospital admissions and 50% of all acute liver failures. The Manufacturer suggests using the Chi Machine and Far Infrared Hot House to assist in liver detoxification.

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