SOQI Ceramic Heater(TM) Technology

Most of the sun’s energy output comes from the infrared segment of the spectrum. It has been determined that the wavelength of between 6 and 14 microns is most beneficial to humans and all living things on the earth. The HotHouse™ radiates FIR at 8-10 microns, so it falls within the range of the recommended wavelength for optimum benefit.

Human cells absorb FIR energy emitted by the sun, causing a physical phenomenon called “resonance”. FIR rays vibrating at a frequency to that of the human body are thus able to activate cells (and reactivate) cells. FIR can strengthen cells, resulting in better blood circulation and an overall improved micro blood circulatory systems.

The energy radiated by infrared rays heats objects directly and not the air in between. This phenomenon is known as “conversion”. The body is being heated “inside out” through the absorption by the cells of the FIR. Instead of using energy to convert air to higher temperatures (some sauna applications) the energy is converted directly to heat the body.

This unique feature explains why the SOQI Ceramic Heater™ technology includes the medical claim of a “Topical Warming Unit”: gently raising our body’s temperature without placing any stress on the surface of the body.

Dr. Tsu-Tsair Oliver Chi observed in his explanation on the mechanism of actions of IR devices tuned to the human body, that the internal production of infrared energy that normally occurs within our tissues is associated with a variety of healing responses and could provide a boost to the fullest healing response possible in a tissue under repair. The phenomenon is known as “resonant absorption”.

The SOQI Ceramic Heater™, with its 160 degree span, silicon crystal inlay, unique arched design, portability with two different sizes, may represent one of the more effective methods of supporting your need for increased wellness.

Your Preferred Health Care Provider may not know about the Far Infrared Technology. We encourage you to ask whether increased circulation with this device could play a part in addressing your particular health concerns.

If you or your preferred Health Care Provider are not aware of our complementary products and would like more information, please

Contact us for a “Complementary Consultation”.

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