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I feel like I’ve been blessed and guided along my path.

I had the pleasure of having Ruth Link and Steve Daoust come to my clinic and share some very enlightening information on October 24, 2008. During this visit, I had the opportunity to experience a full 1 hour treatment with the Chi machine, Far Infrared Sauna combined with Ruth’s amazing healing Reiki hands.

As a Registered Massage Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher and Holistic Health Practitioner, I knew right away I needed to work with these products in my clinic so my clients could receive the same feeling of such a complete healing.

I felt, after and during the treatment, all my systems come into balance, the musculoskeletal system coming out of chronic imbalanced holding pattern, my circulatory system tingling as the oxygen reached places that have been compromised and my nervous system going from the fight & flight go-go-go mode to a very relaxed and energized state.

Steve and Ruth have allowed me, since that visit, to have the use of the CHI Machine and FAR Infrared Sauna so that I may introduce these products to my clients.

I’ve had incredible results with my clients in the very short time I’ve had these devices in my clinic.

I would like to mention first, on a personal note, I use the systems on myself at the beginning and end of each work day and feel great instead of drained.

These products have allowed me to work smarter not harder. Statistics state that the average burn out rate for Massage Therapists is 5 years. I’m heading into my 8th year and recently had been thinking that I might do massage only part time and work part time at my previous profession. No longer do I feel this way. After these past weeks using the Chi Machine and Far Infrared Sauna, I have reduced my “hands-on” time with my clients because these products relax and make the clients muscles more pliable. I do not have to work harder/deeper and the client is enjoying the lighter/easier release of their tight muscles and I am not feeling the usual strain on my own body.

With having only one treatment my clients having various conditions such as: herniated discs, chronic pain, IBS, repetitive strain syndrome, muscular and skeletal imbalances, neurological conditions, are noticing positive results. So much that they are asking about purchasing these products for in home use. Because of this feedback, I have decided to become a distributor. It is so easy to share products that give instant results, the machines are selling themselves.

I am excited and now feel I am able to continue working and living my passion, helping heal people while ensuring a good living for myself.

If you would like to contact me and speak with me directly about the benefits I and my clients are experiencing, please feel free to contact me at metzlerd@eastlink.ca.

In Health & Happiness

Denise Metzler, RMT HHP
Truro, Nova Scotia
November 5, 2008

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