Testimonial: Long Term Disability

My husband and I have been using the E-Power for almost a month and we want to share how excited we are about this product. I have been on anti-depressants for nine years and was placed on Long Term Disability as it was so severe. After many attempts to get off of them, I have finally succeeded with the help of the E-Power. I am now down to less than half of the dose and continue to cut down slowly. The other machines helped for short periods of time but inevitably something would trigger an episode of depression. I believe that the chemical dependency was stored at a cellular level and was finally released through the work of the E-Power. The cool thing is that my whole attitude has improved and I find joy all around me. And as a bonus – my skin has improved dramatically. I had a terrible “chicken neck” – the kind that comes with aging – and lines around my mouth from previous years of being a smoker. My friends are asking me what I am doing to look so great and my husband and I both notice a great improvement in our skin. Our daughter uses her E-Power as well and she is totally hooked on how much better she sleeps and feels. Her stretch marks have almost disappeared and she finds that she simply copes better and feels happier.

We are thankful to HTE for introducing us to this amazing product!

Joan Beckingham
Thunder Bay, Ontario

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