Chi With Steve – How The Health Equipment Helped Me

My first purchase was the “Original Chi Machine and Far Infrared Hot House”, also known as the FIR Hot House in January 2005.

Initially, I did not engage with the Business Opportunity as I was also in transition to become an accredited mortgage broker with a national firm in Canada. Actually, I was not in the looking window for another entrepreneurial start up, one was enough in being a mortgage broker.

For the previous 31 years, I was using an allergy antihistamine, off the counter, just about everyday between Victoria Weekend and Thanksgiving Weekend, depending upon when the frost arrives. In the summer, I am allergic to cut grass, ragweed, some trees, leaves, summer is great and thank goodness for antihistamines.

I learned about these products from a Guest Speaker, who came to our Breakfast Club meeting in talking about better health with Products that are “Licensed from Health Canada with Medical Uses”. Since my background was sales, consulting, building business models, developing traditional distribution channels for Manufacturer’s in the computer industry. My instinct advised me that the products are safe to use and would work as described from the Medical Uses and Benefits. Otherwise, these products would never be classified as Medical Grade Equipment. I also convinced myself that nothing would help me any differently with my summer allergies and if it did, then I would join this business in the Fall, when the leaves are changing colors. This was my test period and I was very confident that this summer would be like all the others, since the age of 16. Why? If these products were so good, then my Medical Doctor would have told me so, they are current with prescription medications, nose sprays and stuff.

What happened in the Summer of 2005?

After using the products for approximately 3.5 months, I only used the antihistamine about 1x or 2x every 3 to 4 weeks or on the brutally bad days, when nothing works well. What Happened? What Changed?

Today, I am still allergic to the same things as I was in 2005? As well as when I was 16 Years Old!

The difference is “My Body is at a Better Leveraged Advantage Point of Improving My Quality of Life of Living With Summer Allergies”.

Every time, I use these products – Receiving the Licensed Medical Uses from the Health Equipment.

Then, I also noticed that the work outs on the tread mill became easier, sleeping better and managing stress better.

The best part is, I wanted to use them and looked forward to using them and as we both know, stress is here to stay.

Who could I help?