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Continuing from last week,

There is a very good reason as to why, Medical Doctors do not know about these products. Simply put, Health Canada’s Mandate excludes any Sales Information, Advertisement, Promotion and Technical Bulletins of “Any Medical Device” in Canada. Health Canada believes that this is the responsibility of the Manufacturer and their Representatives.

Let’s be fair, Medical Doctors are very busy, just like the rest of us. Since, the Manufacturer does not advertise on television, just like Lawyers, Dentists, Mortgage Brokers as we can agree, there are many industries, where this is not done.

Who Can We Help?

This is an interesting topic, all to itself.

Like any other business, fitting-in and being relate-able is a given.

Have you ever done a Career Change?

Generally, Consumers and Businesses  want to engage with someone, they know and trust. Let’s acknowledge that some people are more open minded to change than others. If you do not have the experience or desired image of what they are looking for; the probability of having someone work with you, could be what some call an Up-Hill Battle. My Dad used to say, work with the newest member of the Sales Team?


I was!


Unless, you’re a Million $$$ Account, you’ll probably never see the most seasoned person with the experience and expertise. You’re better off working with the “New Kid” as he/she is being mentored by one of the most seasoned people there, which you will never be able to see.

Every company, Sales Team, Department will have a system to assist their Employee, Representative, Contractor, to achieve what they consider a success.

Let’s add-in to the mixing bowl, a new concept or new technology?

Wow, a Career Change and a New Concept?  Let’s return to Marketing 101, the course in University that they made us take in a Bachelor of Commerce, Degree. Where is the product in the Sales Cycle?  New? or Mature?   Each position does have their challenges.

After many years of working in different jobs and positions, for different companies, it really comes down to,

(Q) Will You Allow Us To Work with You

Something to think about, this blog is about many things, not just the products. Trying something new means making a “Change”

Have a fantastic week, as a suggestion when out for a walk, say hello to someone else first and smile and see what happens?



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