Original Medical Device and Understanding the Significance of a Medical Device With Steve D

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A benefit is only a benefit when you understand it to be a Benefit, preferably in the terminology that You have studied. Since, our products are in compliance from Health Canada with Licensed Medical Uses. This is a logical place to start, although we do have Associates who are Licensed Practitioners from various fields of study. Our primary goal is to help you understand in how our Products can assist you.Let’s Go to the Home Page, where you will find the Captions across the Top; this is known as the “Tool-Bar”.

See a Caption called, “Complementary Products”. Please Scroll your mouse over “Complementary Products”

There, you will find a Sub Menu of Topics for your convenience.

There is also a Control Page for Each Product, easy to navigate and use this web site as your own.

“Complementary Products, please Left Mouse Click on ‘Chi Machine”.

Here, the Medical Uses are listed word for word from Health Canada.

As previously noted, Health Canada’s Mandate excludes the promotion and advertisement of any Medical Devices.

*The Best Part is a “Medical Doctor Can Prescribe these Products for xxx, (Products have Medical Uses Licensed from Health Canada)

*Anybody who passed a Board Examination will be able to understand the Licensed Medical Uses from their Field of Study/Expertise*

*Otherwise, How did they pass their board examination?*

They may not be aware of the products


How the products work but they will understand in how the Licensed Medical Uses are beneficial for your Health and Wellness.

Having Products that are a Medical Device and in Compliance with Health Canada:

Made to Hospital Grade,

Well Made,

Safe to Use,


Made to be used in the Home or at Work, and Easy to Use.

This is why Health Canada knows and recognizes that there is No Requirement to pass a Certified board exam to use these products, sweet.

**These Products are a Medical Device Class 2,

Must be able to Increase Blood Circulation Effectively to Decrease Pain*

See you next week,

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