Testimonial: The Chi Machine

In Aug/2009 I had to have disc decompression surgery. There were complications during the surgery and the blood supply was cut off to my spine.

It left me with (L) side hemiplegia(1) and (R) side decrease sensory dysfunction(2)(3).

When I use the Chi Machine it temporarily reduces the burning pain while waiting for the medication to kick in. Therefore, it helps reduce the break through pain(4).

I feel that the Chi Machine also helps to distribute the medication throughout the body faster due to the fact that it helps with the circulation, when I take my pill medication and use the Chi Machine simultaneously; it seems to act the same as if having the medication by injection.

I am very grateful to have the Chi Machine as it has been a big part of my process towards a hopeful good recovery.

Without the Chi Machine I am sure I would not be as comfortable as I am now in between my medication times. At nights when I go to bed after I take my medication I am hours getting comfortable and being able to fall asleep, but when I take my medication and get on the Chi Machine I am able to fall asleep a lot faster.

There are some days when nothing else seems to work with my pain and burning until I get on my Chi Machine. Therefore I have highly recommended it to people I have met in the rehab in Halifax that has had strokes and spinal cord injuries. I can only hope they get as much relief from their pain as I do with my Chi Machine. The Chi Machine has been a great tool in my recovery.


Bev Beaton
Truro, NS

1.Hemiplegia is when one side of the body is paralyzed.
2.Decrease sensory dysfunction is the inability to feel any sensation (i.e.) hot/cold, sharp or dull pain
3.Hemiplegia and sensory dysfunctions are neurological disorders
4.Break through pain is when pain occurs before it is time to take the next dose of pain medication.

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