The “Chi Rush”

What is “Chi”?

Ancient Chinese cultures believe that “chi” is an active fundamental part of every living thing. It is equated to the “life-process” or “flow” of energy that sustains life.

Theories of traditional Chinese medicine maintain that the body has natural patterns of chi that circulate in channels called meridians. Symptoms associated with various illnesses are often believed to be the product of disrupted, blocked or unbalanced chi movement (interrupted flow) through the body’s meridians and electrical system. Traditional Chinese Medicine seeks to relieve these imbalances by adjusting the flow of chi in the body using a variety of therapeutic techniques.

The “Chi” Rush

The CHI Machine will help unblock the chi pathways – known as meridians – and ensure a clear path of energy flow throughout the body. This will help to restore normal or improved functioning to impaired organs and body sytems.

The CHI Machine allows the chi energy to flow naturally thereby creating a total body, mind and spirit experience. It is a blend of ancient art and modern technology combined to provide you with a unique therapeutic massage.

Once the swaying motion of the CHI Machine stops, you will experience a sense of well being which has been described as a “tingling rush of chi”, exhilarating waves of revitalizing life-force energy, that sweep from your toes to your head and then gently fade away, leaving you with a deep relaxation, calmness, inner peace and well being. This is commonly referred to by Chinese herbal doctors as the “oxygen blood circulation” response.

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