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Original Chi Machine and Understanding the Significance of a Medical Device With Steve D

Who Can We Help? A benefit is only a benefit when you understand it to be a Benefit, preferably in the terminology that You have studied. Since, our products are in compliance from Health Canada with Licensed Medical Uses. This is a logical place to start, although we do have Associates who are Licensed Practitioners from […]

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Chi With Steve – Who Can We Help?

Continuing from last week, There is a very good reason as to why, Medical Doctors do not know about these products.                                                                     […]

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Chi With Steve – How The Health Equipment Helped Me

My first purchase was the “Original Chi Machine and Far Infrared Hot House”, also known as the FIR Hot House in January 2005. Initially, I did not engage with the Business Opportunity as I was also in transition to become an accredited mortgage broker with a national firm in Canada. Actually, I was not in the looking […]

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